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JSC Commercial shipping and seafood processing Long Hai (called the Long Hai Corporation) was founded in 2002, with the main line of business is manufacturing export frozen surimi, powder fish used as feed … With conveniently located adjacent fishing port of Lach Bang (Hai Binh – Tinh Gia – Thanh Hoa), is home to purchase large quantities of raw fish in the North should we actively been abundant materials with high quality.

Frozen surimi products (also known as surimi) made on 02 synchronous lines imported from South Korea with a total capacity of 90 tons / day. Products Surimi Long Hai is produced under HACCP, ISO 22000 – 2007 ensure food safety, which has been exported to many countries around the world like Japan, South Korea, Thailand, …

Products fishmeal used to produce animal feed of company standards for sale in domestic and export was certified DAH. The Company currently has 04 production lines fishmeal imported from Thailand with a total output of 500 tons of raw material / day, equivalent to 150 tonnes of finished products / day.

Besides the two main products of the company are surimi and fishmeal, we also develop additional services to provide clean water and pure drinking water to serve production and livelihoods. Production lines with modern pure water capacity up to 8,000lit / hour is always ready to serve customers. Currently the Long Hai pure water being supplied to the professionals in Japan, South Korea general contractor JGCS Nghi Son petrochemical Air Filter.

Long Hai Joint Stock Company, the motto “all for the safety of people and the environment” are always eager to serve the best product to the customer!

Interest and cooperation of customers is an honor for us!

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    JSC Commercial shipping and seafood processing LongHai
    Address: Village Tien Phong, Hai Binh commune, Tinh Gia district, Thanh Hoa province
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